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New Netscape® Nitro™ Offers ‘Turbo Boost’ for over 50 per cent of Canadian Internet users

Nitro aims to improve Internet experience for dial-up and high speed light users; Significant milestone in mission to provide higher speed options

Toronto, ON – February 09, 2005 – AOL Canada Inc. today announced the immediate availability of Netscape® Nitro™, a new stand-alone Internet accelerator software that improves the speed of Web surfing for dial-up and high speed light users across Canada. Without changing their Internet Service Provider, email address, browser preference or installing any additional hardware, Internet users can add Netscape Nitro to their existing service to receive Web pages and email much faster than before. For dial-up users across Canada, Netscape Nitro promises speeds of up to six times faster than standard dial-up services, and for high speed light users, the benefits will also be up to six times faster than traditional “light”.

For more than 50 per cent of Canadians accessing the Internet via either dial-up or high speed light services , Netscape Nitro combats sluggish speeds by optimizing online surfing, emailing and downloading with a turbo boost of Web acceleration. Netscape developed Nitro specifically for Internet users that require greater speed when surfing online. For those out of range of full DSL or cable, or Canadians that simply are not in the market for full broadband, Netscape Nitro offers the opportunity to better enjoy their online experience. Netscape Nitro Web Accelerator is available in both English and French for $5.95/month, plus tax.

“ Netscape Nitro pumps real power into your Internet connection. We’re creating a new high speed dial, and ‘higher’ speed light category in Canada” said Steven Koles, General Manager for Netscape and Enhanced Services, AOL Canada Inc. “This easy-to-use and affordable boost of Internet adrenaline provides a much needed service to over half of online Canadians who aren’t getting the Internet speeds they could.”

Netscape Nitro software runs on top of existing broadband and dial-up services to speed up Internet access by compressing images and text on Web pages and in emails. The compressed data travels over the Internet connection faster because it has been streamlined with the Web accelerator software.

Netscape Nitro Web Accelerator
For the typical cost of a coffee and muffin, Netscape Nitro provides a month’s worth of high-speed content delivery to those using dial-up and high speed light Internet connections. For the average user, this means no more delays in downloading email and Web pages. For residents of rural communities, where dial-up Internet service may be the only option, the introduction of Netscape Nitro means rapid access to and transmission of information.

For example, Atlantic Canada has the lowest percentage of high speed Internet access in Canada, according to a recent Maritz study commissioned by AOL Canada . A solution such as Netscape Nitro helps provide Maritimers with access to the most immediate and updated information.

“ When you consider the recent heavy snowfalls that have hit the Atlantic provinces, you can only imagine how vital it is for people in these regions – many of whom are using dial-up – to be able to receive their information in an efficient manner,” noted Koles. “During times like this, many people are depending on the Internet to stay in touch with family and friends, check weather conditions, and school and business closings.

“ AOL is dedicated to providing every region and every user with the ability to receive Internet content and emails at turbo speeds. Netscape Nitro is an extraordinarily powerful and economical solution for dial-up users.”

Key Features of Netscape Nitro Web Accelerator:
  • Compatible with existing dial-up or high speed light service
  • Increase speeds up to six times faster for dial-up users and two – six times faster for high speed light users
  • Simple download; users can start surfing faster in less than two minutes
  • No hardware changes; existing modem will continue to be used
  • Netscape's reliable 24/7 service and support
  • Free pop-up ad blocker

Netscape Nitro accelerates Web pages, graphics, Macromedia Flash files, text, Webmail and incoming POP e-mail. Netscape Nitro supports a variety of browsers including Internet Explorer 5.0 (or later), Netscape 7.1 (or later), Mozilla 1.6 (or later), Firefox 1.0 (or later) and Opera.

Netscape continues to offer Netscape Accelerated Internet service, a full-service ISP with built-in acceleration technology, for $18.95 per month.

Pricing and Availability
Netscape Nitro Web Accelerator is available in both English and French for $5.95/month, plus tax. The Web acceleration software can be purchased directly on (English) or (French); or by calling 1-866-NETSCAPE (1-866-638-7227).

1 Based on benchmark testing from SlipStream Data Inc. Acceleration will vary depending on the original connection speed, however speeds of 384kbps downstream or slower will benefit from Nitro™ compared to the same service without Nitro.

2 Ipsos –Reid – Interactive Reid Report: Q2 2004 indicated 29% of online Canadians use regular dial-up service and 24% of online Canadians use high speed light.

3 PC Security Study, Maritz Research commissioned by AOL Canada Inc., December 2004.

About Netscape
A pioneering brand of Internet technology, Netscape in Canada is licensed by AOL Canada Inc., including the and portals, Netscape browser, Netscape Internet services and Netscape Nitro web accelerator. The Netscape Accelerated Internet service was introduced in November 2003 as an affordable and viable high-speed alternative to existing DSL and cable services.

About AOL Canada Inc.
AOL Canada Inc. is an innovative provider of enhanced online interactive services designed to meet the needs of Canadians. AOL Canada is a strategic alliance between America Online, Inc., a division of Time Warner Inc., the world's leader in interactive services, Web brands, Internet technologies and e-commerce services; and RBC Royal Bank, the personal and commercial banking division of RBC Financial Group, one of North America's leading diversified financial services companies.

AOL Canada's portfolio of online services are provided under the AOL®, Netscape® and CompuServe® brands. AOL branded products include AOL Broadband high-speed Internet service; AOL Max Internet software for any high-speed connection; and AOL dial-up. Netscape branded products include and portals; Netscape browser; Netscape Internet services; and Netscape NitroÔ Web accelerator.

AOL Canada also offers IP-based communication services including AOL TotalTalk™using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and AOL Talk for AOL Instant Messenger™ (AIM™). AIM is the world's leading instant messaging community with more than 35 million active users globally.

The AOL Media Network of online properties such as and reach millions of Canadian consumers monthly.

AOL is a registered trademark of America Online, Inc.

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